Course Description

CM 017 801       Mathematics and Statistics for Business

Mathematical functions, linear – nonlinear equations, algebra, matrix, elementary calculus, optimization, mathematics of finance, and some topics of quantitative analysis, concepts of probability, tests of hypothesis, analysis of variance, correlation, regression analysis, and business forecasting.

CM 017 802       Business and Managerial Environment

Introduction to business and managerial environment, organization and management, business models, introduction to management functions: concepts of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, introduction to business functions: concepts of marketing management, production management, human resource management, financial and accounting management, and international business management.

CM 017 803       Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting

Definitions and fundamentals of accounting, accounting standards, accounting techniques, inventory accounting systems and cost accounting, assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equities accounting systems, financial statements, using accounting information to evaluate business performance.

CM 017 811       Managerial Economics  

Microeconomics and macroeconomics as foundations for business decision making: market force of demand and supply, elasticity, resource allocation, diminishing return, economies of scale, economies of scope, pricing, cost structure for individual goods and services, fiscal policy, monetary policy, exchange rate policy, changing environment factors including politics, social and demography, technology and physical environment that effect business decision process.

CM 017 812       Managerial Accounting

Using internal accounting systems to measure and evaluate business performance, budgeting process, cost behavior, product costing systems, cost –volume -profit analysis, using accounting information for decision -making, corporate planning and corporate control.

CM 017 813       Managerial Finance

Financial management and financial environment for decision making in  business, risk  and time value of money, analysis of financial statements, financial planning and control, investment decision and capital budgeting, choices of capital sources, fund raising, financial markets and valuation of securities, management of working capital, capital structure and dividend policy.

CM 017 814       Marketing Management

Concepts and theories of marketing management, roles and functions of marketing executive in marketing management of products and services, marketing environment analysis, consumer behavior, target marketing, product strategies, price strategies, place strategies, promotion strategies, applications of marketing management in current business.

CM 017 815       Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior

Theories and concepts on business management, human behavior in organizations, development of the adjustment theory and change management in modern organizations in regard to main  concepts on leadership, motivation and decision making on human resources planning, organizing, staffing, recruiting, training and development, performance management and evaluation, benefits and welfare management, safety and labor relations.

CM 017 816       Operations Management

Operations and productivity, operations strategies, product design, quality management, process design, location decisions, layout decisions, job design and work measurement, supply chain management, inventory management, material requirement planning and enterprise resource planning, lean production system, maintenance and reliability.

CM 017 817       Business Leadership

Meaning, nature, and importance of leadership, leadership theories, leadership ethics, Influence of leadership, leadership’s vision, mission, value, and strategy, new concept of leadership: appreciative leadership, positive organization development, leading positive changes within leaders and organizations, leadership communication, deep listening, setting up positive questions, knowing and understanding others’ behaviors.

CM 017 818       Business Research Methodology

Philosophy and business research methodology, research design and method, quantitative research, qualitative research, problem identification, hypothesis setting, data collection, use of information technology in data processing, data analysis and interpretation of results, presentation and applied research results to business organizations.

CM 017 819       Strategic Management

Principles and theories of strategic management, tools and concepts in each part of strategic management processes; strategic planning; external environment assessment, internal environment assessment, establishing strategic directions, visions, missions and goals, strategic implementation, strategic control, knowledge and skills to set up practical and ethical strategic management for organizations.

CM 017 820       Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Philosophy of entrepreneur development, concepts of ethics and social responsibility in business perspectives, managerial environment and related laws in business effecting toward managing and decision making based on ethics and social responsibility, case study of business management concerned with ethics and social responsibility.

CM 017 821       Seminars in Business Administration

Topic selection, literature reviews, discussion and presentation for research in business administrations.

CM 017 831       International Business Management

International business management in different perspectives, importance of international business management on globalization, organizations, and regulations of world trade, roles of multinational corporations,  export operations, exchange rates and risk management, balance of payments, merger and acquisition, international syndicate loan, cultural management, communication skills, negotiation, leadership and team management, international strategic management on marketing branding, production, finance, human resource management, and enhancement of international competitiveness models.

CM 017 832       Managerial Decision Making using Quantitative Models

Concepts and theories of problem analysis in business and decision making under changes using of quantitative models and mathematical methods, applications on economics, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management and operations.

CM 017 833       Supply Chain Management

Principles and theories of supply chain management, strategies, models, and tools for supply chain management, supply chain management for balancing between demand and supply, case studies and models for effective supply chain management.

CM 017 834       Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies in Business

Concepts and processes in negotiation and conflict resolutions, effective strategies in negotiation and conflict resolutions on customers suppliers administrations, colleagues workers, labor union, government and other sectors, and case studies.

CM 017 835       Strategy and Management for New Venture

Scanning and analyzing the environment for new venture formation, a feasibility study for investment, marketing opportunities, operation opportunities, financial and sources of fund consideration, networking and formation for new venture.

CM 017 836       Information Technology for Management

Requirement of information technology for management, data analysis for decision making, development of information technology in organization.

CM 017 837       Branding Innovation

Importance of branding and success of business, methods of branding and marketing strategies affecting branding, integrative communication for branding in borderless information technology.

CM 017 838       Production Scheduling and Sequencing Methods

Theories and applications of analytical models in production scheduling from single machine, parallel machines, flow shop, hybrid flow shop, job shop and assembly line balancing.

CM 017 839       Project Management

Principles of project management, techniques of project management, organizing, team building, feasibility study, project planning, project budgeting, resource and technology procurement, project control, and project termination.

CM 017 840       Advanced Financial Management

Concepts of development in modern financial theories, financial markets and institutions, international financial management, development and applications of financial instruments, chief executive officers’ roles in corporate value creation and system control, good corporate governance and ethics for managements.

CM 017 841       Quality Management

Evolution, principles and concepts of quality, philosophy and concepts of quality management, quality planning and control for productivity improvement, cost reduction through various statistical techniques and quality control devices.

CM 017 842       Service Marketing Management

Roles and significance of service industry in economics development systems for service sector, analysis of environment for service industry and service marketing business, utilization of the GAPS model for service quality and organizing structure framework, consumer behavior, expectations, and perceptions in services, development of service marketing relationships, design of measuring tools for service quality, service providers and customers’ roles in service deliveries, pricing, integrated service marketing communication mix, process and physical evidence management in service quality deliveries.

CM 017 843       Marketing Communications and Promotions

Consumer behavior, ideas on branding concepts  and brand positioning, relationship between promotional mix and consumer behavior in modern marketing systems, concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC), applications of communications in marketing management, analysis of consumer behavior, and web-based communications to reach buyers directly.

CM 017 844       Hospitality and Service Management

Principles and concepts of hospitality and service management, operations and trends of hospitality and service business, analysis of hospitality and service management processes, human resource development for excellence in services, evaluation and quality assurance systems through employees’ motivation,  strategy formulation in hospitality and service business, legal, ethics, and risks aspects in hospitality and service business.

CM 017 845       Tax Planning

Principles of tax planning, differences between tax evasion and tax avoidance, methods of reducing taxes by law and ethics, tax planning for small, medium, large, and international corporations, tax management methods, and tax planning.

CM 017 846       Business Creativity

IKIGAI finding, identifying business opportunities through open space technology, mind literacy, biomimicry, user experience design, business design for gender Intelligence, world café, knowledge management, business model development.

CM 017 847       Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises Management

Development and promotion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand, models, laws, and regulations affecting toward SMEs competitiveness, advantages and disadvantages in SMEs management, characteristics of innopreneur, innopreneur development process via learning leadership, ethics and social responsibility, learning team, and learning innovation, SMEs management in marketing, production, human resources, finance and investment, SMEs and its environment analysis, and synthesis to create I-SMEs strategies.

CM 017 848       Real Estate Management

Analysis of real estate investment and management, business, legal, economic, and financial perspectives, types of real estate management, analysis of assets appraisal, feasibility study projects.

CM 017 849       Logistics Management

Concepts in logistic activities of business, logistic network planning, location decisions, forecasting, purchasing and procurement, inventory management, production management, storage and handling, distribution, transportation, logistic cost reduction, information technologies in logistics management, and selections for logistic outsourcing.

CM 017 850       E-Commerce Management

Principle and concepts of e-business and e-commerce, its benefits and limitations, the major impacts on business arenas, concepts of e-marketplace, e-tailing, e-marketing, e-procurement, e-exchanges and portals, e-business strategies, e-commerce models and applications, e-auction, supporting services such as e-business security, e-payment, e-supply chain, and e-fulfillment, ethical, and social issues in e-business environment.

CM 017 851       Competency – Based Human Resource Management

State – of – the art competency theory, organization planning and human resource planning, competency model, and other techniques on competency – based human resource management.

CM 017 852       Strategic Compensation Management

Design for salary ranges, bonus, and benefits, methods for compensation management, relationship between performance and compensation.

CM 017 853       Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Organization Development

Positive organization development, and appreciative inquiry, appreciative inquiry applied with various organization development interventions including positive psychology, positive deviance, whole-brain literacy theory, coaching, and theory U and learning organization.

CM 017 854    Current Topics in Business Administration

Currents topic in business administration, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, human resource management, operations management, strategic management, corporate government and modern business management.

CM 017 897       Independent Study

Independent studies in business administration, case studies, strategy and planning for business, feasibility studies in business and decision making in business.

CM 017 899       Thesis

Research and report writing on a specific topic in business administration emphasizing on the topic of interest with supervision of thesis advisory committee