Course Description

900 701 Business English

Practicing all skills in English usage: Reading comprehension from business papers and textbooks; Listening comprehension from lectures and media; Document summarizing; Report writing and presentation.

900 702 Business Statistics

Characteristics and roles of statistics in business administration, data collection methods; data analysis and interpretation for business solutions.

900 703 Introduction to Business

Systems and environment of each business sector; social and environmental aspects of current business; government policy and business; business laws and ethics, and business responsibilities to its stakeholders.

900 704 Principles of Accounting Management

Definition and Principles of Accounting; Accounting Standards; Accounting Techniques, Inventory Accounting Systems and Cost Accounting; Assets, Liabilities and Shareholder’s Equities Accounting Systems; Financial Statements; Using accounting information to evaluate business performance.

910 711 Managerial Economics

Microeconomics and macroeconomics as foundations for business decision making: The market forces of demand and supply; elasticity; resource allocation; diminishing return; economies of scale; pricing; cost structure for individual goods and services; Theory of Firms and market competition; stabilization policy, application of monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy and the dynamism of worldwide economic change that affect business decision process.

910 712 Managerial Accounting

Using internal accounting system to measure and evaluate business performance; Budgeting process; The behavior of costs; Product costing systems; Cost-Volume-Profit analysis; Using accounting information for decision-making, corporate planning and corporate control.

910 713 Managerial Finance

Financial management and financial environment for decision making in business; including concepts of risk and time value of money, analysis of financial statements, financial planning and control, investment decision and capital budgeting, choice of sources of capital, financial markets and valuation of securities, management of working capital, capital structure and dividend policy.

910 714 Marketing Management

Concepts and theories of marketing management, Significant roles and functions of marketing executive to identify marketing strategies for both goods and services. To analyze marketing environment, analyze buying market behaviors, analyze consumer behavior. To identify market segmentation, market targeting, and market positioning. To design product strategy, price strategy, place strategy and promotion strategy also, implement and control marketing activities. To prepare an actual marketing plan to implement in the real business world with business ethics.

910 715 Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior

Theory and ideas on business management. Human behavior in the organization. Development of the Adjustment Theory and change management in modern organization in regard to main ideas on leadership, motivation and decision making on human resources planning, organizing, filling, recruiting, training and development, work management and evaluation, benefits and welfare management, society and labor relations.

910 716 Operations Management

This course covers both service and manufacturing enterprises. Its purpose is to provide an understanding of operations as a major functional area of business and to show how operations decision making can be improved by utilizing all the underlined disciplines: product design, process design and improvement, quality management, location and layout strategies, human resources management and work study, supply chain management, materials requirement planning, maintenance and the application of resource allocation to enhance the organization’s competitive advantage.

910 717 Managerial Decision Making using Quantitative Models

Concepts and theories of problem analysis in business and decision making under changes via a use of quantitative model and mathematical methods in order to come up with conclusions which aid effective and rationalized decision making. Applications of these concepts and theories
covers business problem analysis and decision making in various disciplines ranging from economics, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management and operation by applying business data and real life scenarios with a commonly-used office software application.

910 718 Business Research Methodology

Philosophy and business research methodology, problem identification, research design and research methods, hypotheses, data collection, use of information technology in data processing, data analysis and interpretation of results, presentation and applied research results to business organization.

910 719 Strategic Management

Prerequisites: 910 713 / 910 714 / 910 715
Strategy and business policy. Situational analysis (SWOT Analysis). Strategic planning and business policy formulation at various levels. Decision-making in implementing strategic plans. Case studies in strategic management at various organizations.

910 720 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Global environment with regard to politics, government policy, laws and regulations related to business. Relationship between business and government in maintaining internal and external economic stability in the new era of free and borderless trade philosophy, roles, responsibilities of business managers towards society; Business ethics toward customer, employees and the public. Principle and rationale of laws affecting business ethics.

910 731 International Business Management

A study in the context of international business management in different angles. The importance of international business management on globalization, organization, as well as rules and regulations of world trade. The role of multinational corporations in export operation, exchange rate and risk management Balance of payment, merger and acquisition, international syndicate loan, cultural management, communication skill, negotiation, leadership and team management. International strategic management in marketing, branding, production, finance, human resources management and creating international competitiveness.

910 732 Strategic For Business Leadership

Future Leader in any uncertainty, change or expectation of modern business. Concepts of leadership in various forms, influences of leadership in business perspective, for instance, innovation, operating efficiency, human resources management, changes and survival of organization. Studying from experiences of actual business leaders role models.

910 733 Supply Chain Management

This course discusses the fundamentals of supply chain management that can help lead to business success by focusing on issues at the strategic level. Models and tools for managing supply chain that will help enhance core capabilities and profits will be introduced in this course. Supply chain management deals with managing the balance of demand and supply which ultimately results in growing profits for all entities in the supply network which is to the contrary of traditional operations that focuses myopically on improving the company’s own profit. Case studies and models will demonstrate that every organization involved in the chain will be better off with effective and efficient supply chain management.

910 734 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies in Business

Concepts and processes in negotiation and conflict resolution as effective managerial tools in business. Effective strategies in negotiation and conflict resolutions on customers suppliers administrations, colleague worker, labor union, government sector, and case studies.

910 735 Strategy and Management for New Venture

Scanning and analyzing the environment for new venture formation, a feasibility study for investment, marketing opportunity, operation opportunity, financial and source of fund consideration, network and formation for new venture.

910 736 Information Technology for Management

Requirement of information technology for management; data analysis for decision making; development of information technology utility in organization.

910 737 Innovative Brand Building

The importance of brand and successful of business, brand building and marketing strategy affecting brand building as well as integrating communication for building brand in borderless information technology.

910 738 Production Scheduling and Sequencing Method

Theory and applications of analytical models used in the scheduling production from single machine, parallel machines, flow shop, hybrid flow shop, job, shop, and assembly line balancing.

910 739 Project Management

Introduction to project management, project management organization, team building, feasibility study, project planning, project budgeting, resource and technology procurement, project control and project close-out.

910 740 Advanced Financial Management

Concepts of modern developments in financial theories, financial markets and institutions, international financial management, development and applications of financial instruments, Chief executive officers roles in corporate value creation and system creation as well as concepts of good corporate governance and ethics.

910 741 Quality Management

Evolution, principle and concept of the word “quality”. Philosophy and concepts of quality management, quality planning and control for productivity improvement and cost reduction through various statistical techniques and other quality control devices.

910 742 Service Marketing Management

A study of significant roles of service industry for economics development system in service sector. To analyze services industrial environment and services marketing business. Utilizing the GAPS model of service quality as and organizing framework the structure. Consumer behavior, expectations and perceptions in services. To develop and build services marketing relationships. To design services instrumentation for measurement service quality. Employees and customer’s roles in service delivery. To determine price, integrated marketing communication, process and physical evidence in service quality deliveries.

910 743 Marketing Communication and Promotions

Consumer behavior, ideas on branding concept and brand positioning as well as the relationship between promotional mix i.e. advertising, public relation, personal selling, sales promotion and consumer behavior in modern marketing system. The application of communications in marketing management and analysis of consumer behavior.

910 744 Hospitality and Service Management

Principles and concepts of hospitality and service management. Nature and operations of hospitality and service business and trends of the industry. Analysis of business management process. Techniques for development of human resource to achieve excellence in service quality. Evaluation and quality assurance system through employees’ self motivation. Strategy formulation in hospitality business. Legal aspects, ethics, and risks in hospitality business.

910 745 Tax Planning

Pringle of tax planning Difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Methods of reducing taxes that are abided by law and ethics. Study of tax planning for small, medium, large, and Multination Corporation, Tax management methods as well as actual tax planning will be included.

910 746 Business Creatively

History of creativity and innovation in business perspectives; Leadership development and self-managed team for innovation development; creative-thinking techniques; innovation and product developments from local wisdom; leaning organization development; strategic planning for innovative products; cluster development to upgrade competitiveness though innovation-driven process; the Sufficiency Economy and Innovation Development.

910 747 Small Business Management

The Role of Entrepreneur in starting from scratch or joining an existing business. Development of new venture business plan; marketing growth strategies; customer relationships management; managing operation; managing human resources; risk management; assets management; as well as evaluating financial performance.

910 748 Real Estate Management

Analysis of Real Estate Investment and Management in various perspectives that are crucial for the success of business namely, business perspective, legal perspective, economic perspective, financial perspective. The management of different types of real estate, and case study analysis of assets appraisal as well as feasibility of the project will also be explored.

910 749 Logistics Management

Comprehensive view of the basic concepts in all logistical activities of the business such as network planning, location decisions, forecasting, purchasing and procurement, inventory management, production management, storage and handling, and distribution/transportation. The understanding of the intricate inter-relationship among these activities will lead to improved efficiency and revenue while reducing operating costs. In addition, this course will touch upon an application of Information Technologies in logistics management as well.

910 750 E-Commerce Management

The course provides knowledge in e-business and e-commerce, its benefits and limitations, as well as the major impact of these electronic-enabling technologies on the business arena. In particular, concepts of e-marketplace, e-tailing, e-marketing, e-procurement, e-exchanges and portals, e-business strategy, e-commerce models and applications, and e-auction will be discussed. Supporting services such as e-business security, e-payment, e-supply chain, and e-fulfillment will also be covered. The course concludes with legal, ethical, and social issues in the e-business environment.

910 751 Competency Based Human Resources Management

Learning on state-of-the art competency theory widely used in organization planning and human learning resources management. Emphasizing real skill design competency modeling as well as the various techniques on aligning competencies to business decision.

910 752 Strategic Reward Management

Emphasis will be given on ways to develop and design salary ranges, bonuses and benefits in motivating employees to perform and support the organization success by underpinning linkage between performance and reward.

910 753 Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Organization Development

History of Organization Development ; Development of Positive Organization Development; Appreciative Inquiry; Positive Psychology; Action Research; Appreciative Inquiry; Discovery; Dream; Design; Destiny; Experiential Learning.

910 897 Independent Study

Self study on issues in business administration and business strategy approved by the College of Graduate Study in Management. Application of theories, principles, and concepts to the analysis of the issues for an effective decision-making.

910 899 Thesis

Research and report writing on a specific topic in business administration with emphasize on the topic of interest.